Revision Street: Division Street (II)

Revision Street: Division Street (II)

The title of Studs Terkel’s book Division Street: America was always intended to be read as a metaphor for the clash of sociopolitical desires—for racial equality, for peace, for economic prosperity, for personal gain, for public good—that he then documented, in conversation with hundreds of locals, over the course of a year.

And this is, essentially, what I tell interviewees when they ask what I’m doing with Revision Street: America. Just taking note of what you want, I sometimes answer.

There is still confusion. But I don’t even live on Division Street, they remind me, gently.

Division Street is a metaphor, I repeat. And these images, of graffiti erased and repainted sometimes many times over, taken along Division Street, are a metaphor, too. (Here is the first in the series.) These images stand for the shaky prosperity of the now-ritzy neighborhood, for the shiny sheen the city puts on a city in unrest, and for your neighbors, who, all over the city, are demanding they be acknowledged.

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