Robots DID take over Mitt Romney’s Twitter

Robots DID take over Mitt Romney’s Twitter

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Last week, there was some drama surrounding the Romney campaign, but this time, it wasn’t due to the Republican candidate’s political leanings; it was over a sudden increase in Twitter followers. Crunching the numbers, The Atlantic reported Tuesday that graphs indicate there has most likely been “bot involvement,” despite the campaign strenously denying that they’ve purchased followers.

Comedian Peter Kremidas doesn’t much think it matters what the campaign says, because robots are definitely involved and they’ve got opinions of their own. Read an excerpt below or listen above.

Hello! My name is Michael. I’m here to talk about The Romney. Get ready for some fun!

I will talk about this story. It is a Twitter story. This month, The Romney acquired an average of three to four thousand new Twitter followers every day. And then over the past weekend he suddenly gained around 150,000 new followers. There were those who were surprised but I was not one of the surprised people. Some speculated that these are not real Twitter accounts. Some even accused The Romney of actually purchasing new Twitter followers with his moneys. But that is not the true happenings! And I will prove it with my mouth words. Now.

Hello! I am the president and CEO of the Romney fan club, other members include Professional Wrestler The Ultimate Warrior, Anne Romney, and a Nintendo 64. And guess what? I have come on behalf of the club because, I want to clear the air on these heinous rumors. These new Twitter followers were not purchased by the Romney, and the new accounts are real it’s just they are all owned by robots.

And to you people who don’t trust robots, Well guess what I am a robot and I think we’re great on the phone. So why don’t you go eat at Chick-fil-A you bigot!

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