‘Rosie Show’ billboards very un-Chicago

‘Rosie Show’ billboards very un-Chicago
‘Rosie Show’ billboards very un-Chicago

‘Rosie Show’ billboards very un-Chicago

The Rosie Show tapes at Harpo Studios in Chicago. They’ve recently started to saturate the market with billboards, bus ads and taxi toppers showing Rosie sitting in a white chair with the Chicago skyline in the background. You may have seen it - here’s a picture:

But the problem I have with the ad is in the specifics. It’s obvious that Rosie is photoshopped into the shot, but what I don’t understand is where this photo was taken.

Grant Park? Hutchinson Field? The Shedd Aquarium? After some research on Google, the shot is definitely from the viewpoint of museum campus. But even from the perspective of some of the open spaces by the Shedd, you would have trees and roadways and other obstacles blocking a wide open view of the skyline. It doesn’t add up. My theory is that the grass was photoshopped as well.

With all of the beautiful, panoramic shots of Chicago’s legendary skyline, what would possess Rosie’s advertising company to modify it? Does the grass invite people more than say, the lake? For a show that wants to be Chicago, this is very un-Chicago. I love that she wanted the skyline in her photo to let all of the country know that this is where she is from. But to the trained eye, this homage to her new hometown is hollow. Now I could be wrong, but like I said, I did my due diligence. I’m sure that this is a real photo, just doctored for their needs.

B story: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spoke at the Union League Club today and was ambushed by protesters at the breakfast. Did they buy a table? To blend in, the protesters wore suits. Security should have known better. Check the tag! Any suits from Kohls, automatic breach of security. They went the route of human megaphone to disrupt. My favorite part is the Walker jokes afterwards, followed by the standing ovation. WBEZ caught the whole incident on video.

C story: Lee Bey has some great photos of the final days of South Shore High School. The architecture of that school reminds me a lot of what high schools looked like when I was that age.

D story: Drones!!!! Who needs helicopters lookin’ for the murders, when you can deploy drones to look for the murders (not as sexy for rappers though). Cook County is looking into replacing expensive helicopters with drone planes, like the ones they use in Pakistan. I’m just waiting for one of these little buggers to be hovering outside my window while my wife and I make sweet love. Gross.

Weather: It was super dark this morning. Uh oh, winter’s favorite time of day.

Sports: Mike Quade is out as Cubs manager. Everyone saw that coming and frankly, wanted it. Hey, I’m sure Quade is a nice guy but he seemed to be overmatched. I’m happy he was able to fulfill his dream of managing in the big leagues, but save the dreams for Make A Wish. Let’s get a big league manager in the house and get the Cubs back in contention. I’m excited about the moves. I’m not a Cubs fan, but I like what the Cubs are doing. If Epstein is able to unload some of these big contracts and maybe grab a free agent or two that are gamers, the Cubs could be legit. Do you hear that Chicago? The Cubs could be legit. I also like how the press is lapping up the “Theo does it right” angle. He flew to Florida to talk to face to face with Quade. He talked to Sandberg to let him know he wasn’t a candidate. Both men appreciated the gestures. Cause Theo does it right. Theo is the new Big Daddy Kane.

Kicker: Can we get back to basketball so Carlos Boozer can work on his game, and not on his game??? How did I miss this over the summer?