RTA at Stalemate Over Paratransit Funding

RTA at Stalemate Over Paratransit Funding

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Pace says it needs to fill a $20 million budget hole to pay for services to disabled riders.

But the RTA board Thursday voted down a measure to transfer $8 million to Pace.

The money would have come from Metra and the Chicago Transit Authority, and that didn’t sit well with some board members.

Now, Pace Chairman Richard Kwasneski says money to serve disabled riders is running out.

KWASNESKI: At what point does Pace say to them, ‘We’re going to run out of money. We’re not sure what you’re going to be able to do in October for getting to and from the doctor,’ or wherever they want to go.

Kwasneski says the CTA should pony up, since 80 percent of paratransit riders are in its service area. But that agency has money problems of its own.

The RTA board will tackle the issue again next month.