Teens Speak Up At the Anti-Violence Summit

Teens Speak Up At the Anti-Violence Summit

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley spoke at an anti-violence summit on the city’s South Side. Chicago teens shared their concerns with officials. But things didn’t go quite as planned.

It started like any Mayor Daley public event. He came out on stage. Everyone clapped. But a high school student broke from the panel format and accused police of bringing guns and brutality into neighborhoods. Daley was taken aback.

DALEY: They blame the police. Blame the police. Blame your parents. Wait, the police aren’t to blame. Everyone’s to blame.

Ron Holt, a Chicago Police officer and father of slain student Blair Holt, also responded to the criticism.

HOLT: Not one time have I ever worked with a Chicago Police officer who had been accused of allegedly bringing a gun into a neighborhood. So that to me is a misnomer and actually, I’m quite offended.

The program continued with a panel discussion on violence and other teen issues.