The ‘Afternoon Shift’ gameplan: Cars, smokes and the Gov.

The ‘Afternoon Shift’ gameplan: Cars, smokes and the Gov.

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Straight from director Jason Marck’s email to your eyes, it’s the rundown for Afternoon Shift with Steve Edwards for Wednesday, February 15.

Listen to the first hour of Wednesday’s Afternoon Shift

Auto Show: How are American auto companies doing, and what is the future of cars from a consumer perspective? (I don’t need an app to tell me how badly you’re driving!)

Addiction Inc:We talk to filmmaker Charlie Evans and Victor DeNoble about the documentary Addiction Incorporated, which chronicles DeNoble’s experience as a whistleblower for the tobacco industry.

Science: The Cleverest of All Apes, Gabriel Spitzer joins us to talk about the most important machine in our bodies-the brain….and how Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation helps people suffering from depression. This isn’t your grandfather’s shock therapy…and Nurse Ratchet need not apply.

Listen to the second hour of Wednesday’s Afternoon Shift

Gary Airport: The first commercial flight in years takes off today from the Gary/Chicago airport. WBEZ’s Michael Puente was standing on the runway and tells us why this flight was so important.

Beyond Book Learning: WBEZ’s Robin Amer goes inside a West Side middle school where plenty of emphasis is placed on things tests can’t measure-life skills and character.

Gov. Quinn: IL Gov. Pat Quinn talks about last week’s state of the state, his low approval ratings, and his upcoming budget address.