The essence of the George Zimmerman issue

The essence of the George Zimmerman issue

Look at this video:
Does this look like a man who was in a fight for his life? Does this look like a man with a broken nose? Whose head was repeatedly smashed to the ground?

I don’t care if George Zimmerman is a racist or not (his being half Peruvian and having black friends does not give him immunity), if he said “coons or goons” on the 911 tape, if he bawled for days after he killed Trayvon Martin (however much he hurts, he’s alive to hurt); I don’t care one whit about Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law (especially when most of the bill’s sponsors say the law doesn’t apply to this case).

Here’s what I know: Homicide isn’t even in the top ten causes for white males, but it’s the number one cause of death for black males, ages 15 to 34.

And here’s what anybody with common sense can hear on the 911 tape and see in this police video: A man who was expressly told to stop following Martin by the police and chose to do otherwise (no matter why, no matter his intention), a man without a scratch on him who claimed his life was in danger as a defense/excuse to shoot someone.

Will someone please arrest this man?