The Rundown: Who is the Illinois GOP?

The Rundown: Who is the Illinois GOP?

Today, we set the stage for tomorrow’s big GOP Primary. If you are undecided, this is the show for you. Not only will we talk to some undecided voters about their issues, but we’ll break down who is currently voting in the party. It’s not as conservative vs. moderate as you think.

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Undecided Republicans: A McHenry County farmer who’s married to a Democrat, a stay-at-home mom active in the Downers Grove Republican Party and a Tea Party blogger from Wilmette. Over the past three months, WBEZ’s Sam Hudzik chatted with these voters as they tried to pick which G-O-P presidential candidate to support.

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Illinois primary: On the eve of the Illinois primary, Sam Hudzik parses the latest polls and says what the candidates were up to over the weekend. Chris Robling, a GOP consultant, breaks down Illinois’ Republican voters. And, Mike Silver, executive director of the Knight News Innovation Lab at Northwestern University, has put together a website tracking the social media and campaign donations of Illinois’ U.S. Congressional candidates. He shares what he’s been gleaning from the data.

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Endorsements: This is the first election cycle since the Sun-Times announced it will no longer endorse candidates. Eight Forty-Eight talks with former Illinois Governor Jim Thompson about the effect that endorsements have on candidates on the top and bottom of the ballot.