Tips on removing your old city sticker from the windshield

Tips on removing your old city sticker from the windshield
Tips on removing your old city sticker from the windshield

Tips on removing your old city sticker from the windshield

All right. Fine (or no fine). You win, city of Chicago. I razor bladed my windshield and destroyed my 2010-11 city sticker so I won’t get a ticket:

I didn’t do a good job, while driving. One could argue that I could have gotten a ticket for operating a razor blade while driving. I probably should have. But I realize that I left all the sticky residue, which will probably decrease my ability to resell my car. So when you scrape off your sticker to avoid the $120 ticket, use some warm, soapy water with a razor blade. Again, don’t do this while driving.

Also, you could try to take tweezers to the old glue, but that won’t work. Hmm, I realize this isn’t helping.

Another tip? Remove the windshield. But watch the tint, cause that could get you another ticket.

B story: Mark Bazer interviewed Nate Silver when Bazer took his Interview Show to Brooklyn. Why does this matter? Well, the popular political oddsmaker put Obama at less than 50% chance of being reelected. He said Romney had a better shot. Wow. And Nate is rarely wrong.

C story: So I was right on the Cultural Affairs shell game. Those who were moved to Tourism could be out of a job. Read DeRogatis today. Must.

D story: Give her a break. Fran goes after a city official who said ‘homeless should take cabs’ to get to overnight shelters. If you read the transcript (provided by Spielman), she says public transportation too. It was a stupid thing to say, but really not worth the article with the headshot.

E story: Kim Kardashian split with actor/basketball player Chris Humphries yesterday after 72 days of marriage. Proving that reality TV is indeed television. The wedding season is over. So therefore, so is the marriage. It makes you wonder if Humphries auditioned for the part of ‘Husband.’ It makes you wonder if the production team at E! Entertainment Television, Kardashian industries and all of the sponsors knew this was fake and that this was a story-boarded television moment. And to go even further, I wonder if this whole divorce is just chapter 7 of a 20 chapter story, already written by Hollywood. But no one will ever see it that way. Either way, Kim Kardashian has to suffer some humiliation in front of middle America. But she can play humiliated, too. She’s an actor, y’all.

It’s manufactured news about a TV plot, covered by E!, which presents the show produced by their host Ryan Seacrest, who broke the news. My God, ethics be damned entertainment news. You suck.

Weather: It is looking good today. Pretty, pretty good.

Sports: So I totally missed the Tony LaRussa is retiring story yesterday. He said he might return to baseball in a front office position, so enter the Chicago White Sox. Hey, if you were looking for a way to steal the Cubs’ Theo Epstein thunder, this would be it! The one time White Sox manager is close with Jerry Reinsdorf and Reinsdorf has already started the public push to convince him to come north to the South Side of Chicago.

And don’t you wish you had a little Derrick Rose right now? The NBA lockout is affecting my ability to mindlessly watch highlights on SportsCenter. Get it together guys.

Kicker: The guys from the How To Do Everything podcast are starting their ‘beard sprint’ today. The idea? Simple. It’s Movember, so everyone is growing mustaches for charity. In contrast, they are growing beards for no charity. Today they start. You can play along at home. Winner gets a million dollars lotta pride. There is already controversy, as I shaved last night and you were supposed to shave this morning. This may play a role in the final decision.