Top 5 places to pop the question in Chicago

Top 5 places to pop the question in Chicago

Celebrating the Big Moment at
Spiaggia (photo: Joseph Storch)

Picking the appropriate place to propose can wreak psychological havoc on a person. My criteria would certainly put an emphasis on service, that is, can the staff help you execute your plan and pull it off smoothly? Real estate is also important. Not the restaurant’s address, per se, but how much room is there between tables to get down on one knee? Finally, I wanted to pick places that had some staying power, and weren’t in danger of closing anytime soon. Nothing worse than having a memorable occasion laid to dust. For the record, there are thousands of other great places to propose in Chicago - not necessarily near a kitchen. I chose a bench in Audubon Park in New Orleans (after a massive brunch at Commander’s Palace).

1. Spiaggia

Big city, big shoulders. ‚ Michigan & Oak Streets. The beach at your feet. Italian 4-star dining accessible to anyone (not just the Obamas).

2. Alinea

Perhaps Mssr. Achatz and company can create a special utensil with which to present the ring, or make a facsimile of said ring edible?

3. Piccolo Sogno (weather permitting)

Make sure the forecast doesn’t call for rain, because you’ll want to conduct your business outside on the gorgeous patio.

4. Wrigley or The Cell

Granted, the food isn’t going to be as memorable as the surroundings, but what says “love in Chicago” like a day at the ballpark?

5. Everest

Still going strong after a quarter century, this temple of haute Alsatian cuisine has a stunning view, posh surroundings and the best list of rieslings and gewurtztraminers in the city.