Transgender rights movement: a week of wins and losses

Transgender rights movement: a week of wins and losses

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In this Oct. 21, 2015 photo, a man urges people to vote against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance outside an early voting center in Houston. (Pat Sullivan/AP)

It was two steps forward and one step back this week for transgender rights advocates. The repeal of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance was a major setback for the movement. The opponents of the ordinance argued it would open the door for transgender men to attack women in bathrooms.

There was also good news for transgender advocates. Yesterday, the Reform Judaism movement issued a broad transgender rights policy, the strongest of any religious group.

And on Monday, the U.S. Department of Education ordered an Illinois high school to find a solution in the case of a transgender female student who was not allowed to participate in girls’ sports or shower in the girls’ locker room with other students.

Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, joinsHere & Now’s Jeremy Hobson to discuss the defeat in Houston and the strategy going forward.

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