Voters on the Street: Registering for the Primaries

Voters on the Street: Registering for the Primaries

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Illinois citizens have until tomorrow to register to vote in the February 5th primary elections. Chicago Public Radio asked people in downtown Chicago if they’re registered and why.

WICKIZER: I’ve been registered for at least 35 years. People need to take a more active part in the political process.

NOONE: Yes, I am registered. I’m a college student, so we automatically get registered and I will vote. A lot of people have their own opinions, and I think if they want to voice their opinions, it’s important to vote.

STALLWORTH: I will probably do my citizen’s duty and register as soon as possible. If you want to see change, participate. If you want to see change and don’t participate, don’t complain.

CLAY: Yes, I’m registered. It took us a long time to get a chance to vote, so why pass up the opportunity?

JOHNSON: No, not yet. I don’t know why not, to be honest with you. I don’t. I’m not really, I mean, it really don’t matter who wins to me.

We talked to Fred Wickizer, Keegan Noone, Jerald Stallworth, Linda Clay, and Ashley Johnson.