WBEZ blog hits the big-time with Jimmy Fallon & Seth Meyers

WBEZ blog hits the big-time with Jimmy Fallon & Seth Meyers
WBEZ blog hits the big-time with Jimmy Fallon & Seth Meyers

WBEZ blog hits the big-time with Jimmy Fallon & Seth Meyers

Ah, the week between Christmas and New Year’s might be the best of the year. People are out, but the people that are in the office really aren’t doing much. So it’s sort of like a procrastinators utopia. This week should just be a national holiday. Take the whole week off, America.

B story: The Sun-Times quietly sold yesterday and is now in new hands. Crain’s broke down how much money the new investors have given Mayor Emanuel in political contributions. It’s striking to think about the owners of a major newspaper making such contributions to a mayor that the paper is charged with covering. But I guess I’m naïve. Could this be a play to keep the paper viable and, um, liberal? I would have to back this up with research, which I refuse to do, but didn’t Roosevelt create or sink money into the Sun-Times to be a mouthpiece and/or voice for democrats, since the Tribune was so staunchly conservative? And the circle of life (in news media) continues!

C story: AHGHG! If you were watching Fallon on Friday night, you probably saw this last week:

Look familiar? What a great moment in my blog life – a post I wrote this year about an oil-painting of Seth Meyers hanging in the Macy’s caught the attention of Jimmy Fallon’s producers. They emailed me the day before Xmas Eve telling me that they wanted to use that photo when Seth was a guest. Seth told the same story he told me and I even got a nameless shout-out. Wow, in one Friday I got huge shout-outs in Feder and Fallon. That’s reach, yo.

Here’s the link if the NBC embed is acting up.

D story: What the heck is going on with Cardinal George? What is this story even about? Let me see if I have this right: The Gay Pride Parade wanted to change the start time for the parade to 10am. Earlier means less boozing, which means less debauchery, which means less pride for the cops to manage. Okay, got it.

But then the local catholic church got mad because the parade route goes right past their North Side church at the same time church lets out, forcing parishoners to walk through a ton of gay pride. So then the Cardinal gets involved, asking the parade organizers to change the route. Everyone hesitates, but George then goes and calls the “Gay Liberation Movement” no different than the Klu Klux Klan. Because they both persecute Catholics? George has backtracked, but still.

E story: Sears is closing over 100 Sears and K-Mart stores. Which begs the question: Are there over 100 Sears and K-Mart stores left? Don’t worry Sears, we’ll bail you out.

Do I have that right? God help us if I do.

Weather: Ah, snow (well, in Northwest Indiana). Now that Christmas is over, there is no redeeming quality for Chicago weather until March. Hunker down, Chicago. Winter is here.

Sports: I wrapped up the Bears season already, since I’m not watching next week. Thoughts to come in a separate post. So let’s talk about the Bulls. Great win in LA, terrible loss last night in Golden State. It seems like Coach Tibs is a bit miffed at his starters since the squad that was on the floor last night in crunch time was Rose, Deng, C.J. Watson, Kyle Korver and Taj Gibson. It’s only been two games, but the Bulls are playing a bit sluggish like they did in last year’s playoffs. It was a lot to come from behind and win against the Lakers, but they were outplayed all game. That’s not a good way to be trending early. But the great news about this year’s NBA? If you suck one night, you have to play the next night. So there’s that.

Kicker: I screwed up my family’s Secret Santa. I thought I had somebody else but I had somebody else. Therefore, one person didn’t get a present. Unbelievable. I pretty much ruined Christmas, regardless of what my mother-in-law says. So I have that hanging over my head leading into 2012. Way to go, me! Now if you don’t mind, I need to hit up a K-Mart or Sears to redeem myself.