Why You Talk Like That?

Why You Talk Like That?

Poet Malcolm London, 18, is a 2011 graduate of Lincoln Park High School and participated in Louder Than a Bomb for the third year, this time as part of the College Slam. Why You Talk Like That? is a response to the BBU lyrics:

“Why you talk like that?
because I’m from the hood
and that all i heard and all i understood.”

Other pieces recorded by Malcolm London with WBEZ include:
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and as part of the stage production English Class Heretics.

The largest of its kind in the world, Louder Than A Bomb (LTAB) is Chicago’s rapidly-growing teen poetry festival, taking place February 18 - March 10, 2012, at various venues around Chicago. Aiming to bring teens together across racial, gang, and socio-economic lines, LTAB is a friendly competition that emphasizes self-expression and community via poetry, oral story-telling, and hip-hop spoken word.

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