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‘This is what Chicago sounds like’: A peek behind the scene of Vocalo’s series


Every so often on The Rundown podcast we bring you episodes of "Chi Sounds Like," a series that gives you an intimate, firsthand look into the lives of artists, activists and other off-the-beaten-path Chicagoans.

Today, we hear from photographer Ken Cook Jr., who left Chicago’s West Side, realized how leaving contributed to larger cycles of community neglect, and has since returned.

“When people get a little success or make a little money, they move from the West Side,” Cook said, “leaving future generations to not have someone that looks like them that’s successful … living here and making a life here.”

We also hear from Chi Sounds Like producer Ari Mejia, who explains how she finds artists and activists like Cook, and how she creates such vulnerable conversations. She also tells us why people feel so moved when she asks them to introduce themselves before saying “...and this is what Chicago sounds like.”