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Politics with Amy Walter: The Case for Speaker Pelosi, Again

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The Case for Speaker Pelosi, Again

In 2007, Nancy Pelosi became the first woman to lead the House of Representatives. She wants her job back. 

With Democrats in the House, Will a Divided Government Be Able to Govern?

While Democrats will no longer be locked out of power completely, it's unclear what they'll be able to accomplish with Republicans still in control of the White House and Senate.

Congressional Firsts: Newly Elected Democrat Angie Craig Will Represent Minnesota Swing District

Amy Walter talks with Angie Craig about being the first openly gay person elected to Congress from Minnesota.

Jim Acosta’s Ejection Raises Questions About Role of White House Press Corps

After President Trump's sprawling post-election news conference, there are questions about the effectiveness of the White House Press Corps.

After the Midterms, What Should We Expect for these Next Two Years Under Trump?

The 2020 campaign may take place under the shadow of deepening partisan divisions.


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