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Devastating Fires Rage Throughout California

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Devastating Fires Rage Throughout California

The Camp Fire has already been marked as the deadliest fire in recent California history.

Trial Over 2020 Census Citizenship Question Enters Second Week

The State of New York, along with more than a dozen other states and cities, is suing the Commerce Department, arguing that a citizenship question was added improperly to the census.

Counts and Recounts: Contested Races and How We Decide Them

An update on the tightest midterm races that still don't have an official winner, and a look at the rules that govern our process of counting and recounting votes in the U.S.

One Hundred Years After Armistice, What Lessons Can Be Learned From World War I?

Millions of lives were lost in World War I, and with no clear outcome, Armistice Day reminds us of the dangers of nationalism and imperialism.

How are Veterans and Members of the Military Reacting to Trump?

With President Trump missing out on a WWI commemoration event, how are members of the military responding to him?


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