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Neighborhood Perceptions

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There’s a common theme when it comes to coverage of communities of color in Chicago. For the most part, major media outlets highlight stories of gun violence and crime, with little to no room for stories that portray the community in a positive light. Members of the Englewood community cite WGN’s report, "It’s Englewood: 12 hours in One of Chicago’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods" as the most recent example of bias coverage. Host Richard Steele is joined by Rashanah Baldwin, founding member of the Resident Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E.), Mike Rodriguez, Executive Director of Enlace Chicago and BRIJ Fund Founder/President TeQuila Shabazz. They discuss neighborhood perceptions, how residents and outsiders view their particular neighborhoods and what they are doing to bring more positive stories of their communities to the limelight. Barbershop show intern Alex Thibideau brings us voices from around the way who reside in the Englewood community.

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