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Where are the Grocery Stores?

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On this installment of the Barber Shop Show, we take an in-depth look at food insecurity in Chicago’s South and West Side neighborhoods. host Richard Steele of WBEZ is joined by WBEZ’s South Side Bureau Reporter Natalie Moore. She talks about her recent report detailing the potential impact of the closure of the Dominick's grocery chain. In addition to 6000 jobs lost, many people's access to fresh produce and other healthy food was lost, as well. Food insecurity researcher Mari Gallagher explained what a food desert really is, and how the face of food insecurity has shifted since her 2006 groundbreaking study, “Examining the Impact of Food Deserts on Public Health in Chicago”. Val Free, director of South Shore’s Planning Coalition, joined us by phone to talk about South Shore’s push to put a full-line grocery store in the recently-vacant former Dominick’s at 71st Street in Chicago. For fresh installments of the Barber Shop Show, tune in at at noon (CST) on | 90.7fm (CHI) | 89.5fm (NWI).

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