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Ridiculous Situations and the Films that Make them Better

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Ridiculous Situations and the Films that Make them Better

1.  You are finally going on a date with the person of your dreams.  You meet at a trendy dive bar in Ukrainian Village , and just can't resist the 2 dollar PBRs.  You get completely smashed and decide to head back to your place for some drunk cuddling on your cozy…heavily pillowed couch and watch:
-A Russ Meyer Movie

2.  You've been working extra hours all week, and finally have a day off to enjoy the beach.  You put on your swimsuit and head over to North Avenue beach to take in some rays.  Everything's going well until someone's Doberman gets loose and chomps on your leg before running off with your flip-flop. You try to chase after him but can't because of the immense pain coming from your now bloody leg.  Just when you think things can't get worse, a thunderstorm hits and the rain comes pounding down.  By the time you get home, your leg has stopped bleeding and you can no longer distinguish the tears on your face from the raindrops.  It's time to crack open the smores ice cream… sit on your couch and watch:
-Chaplin/Keaton/Lauren & Hardy/Marx Brothers

3.  You've always dreamed of being a billionaire.  And ever since you made your first million, you've let nothing stand in your way.  Not even your huge alimony payments for your 3rd wife.  And today, you've done it.  You took over your last competitor and now rule the predator drones industry. Every defense budget in the world wants you.  It's time for the projectionist in your personal home theater to fire up:
-Wall Street

4.  You quit your job as an accountant 14 months ago in the hopes of becoming the next J.K. Rowling.  Now, you've burned through all of your savings and are living on Ramen noodles.  Visions of friendly giants and flying broomsticks occupy your every moment.  You need to escape your apartment and escape Neverland.  You have a coupon for a free Net-flix trial, so head down to the internet café and order:
-House of Flying Daggers

5.  You are terminally depressed and haven't left your apartment in 2 years.  You have tried every drug and therapist in the Chicagoland area, all to no avail.  While your family and friends have been understanding thus far, you worry that their patience is waning and that they will soon leave you for cooler, more mentally stable people.  You are desperate for some happiness and are willing to try anything.  So you grab the Kleenex box and curl up on your sofa and place all of your hope of recovery on:
-Cinema Paradiso

6.  It's a Friday night …you're exhausted was rough week at work. and you are very hungry, but there's no food in the house…you have no cash or energy to order out or go out for food…. you figure you'll just try to make do…You prepare to get more  stale crackers crumbs embedded your heavily  stained second hand couch and watch:
-Le Grande Bouffe

7.  I am a stranger in a strange land …I feel hopelessly out of place...The sense of separateness is overwhelming and easing my identity…I have no connectedness to anyone or anything… I should sit on my painfully firm, antiseptic, fake leather couch and watch:
-Suspended Voyage of the Stork

8.  The U.S. role in the world has plunged you in a deep despair. There will never be social justice. Violence is the solution to all problems. Our consumer culture is cooking our planet to crisp. Impeachment seems distant begin to fantasize awful thoughts about the president…. Then you think: "what am I doing" I should sit down on one the most painful springs in my couch and watch:
-Paradise Now

9.  You live in a cement block house …on a city street full of cement block houses. There are no trees or lawns only cement…black top… and side walks. The is no nature at all. Birds ..even pigeons… have forsaken you neighborhood.  The craving for some contact with the natural word is overwhelming…but instead of going camping in a national park you decide to sit on your slate gray couch and watch:
-AnyWerner Herzog Film

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