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Easing the Pain of AIDS in Africa

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Easing the Pain of AIDS in Africa

Global problems don't come anymore vexing and frustrating than the HIV/AIDS pandemic. There's challenges of stigma, treatment. funding and prevention.

All the while, people keep dying.

We'll spend the hour today with a witness from the frontlines of the pandemic who believes we can save a lot more lives.

Stephen Lewis was UN special envoy for AIDS in Africa from 2001 to last year. He became well know for his passion and compassion in fighting the epidemic.

Stephen Lewis is a Canadian who's spent the last 20 years in the orbit of the United Nations. He was Canada 's ambassador to the un in the 80's. Lewis spent most of the 90's with UNICEF where he was deputy director. From 2001 to the end of last year, he was UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa .

Stephen Lewis now co-directs AIDS-Free World and continues as Chair of a foundation that funds grassroots projects addressing HIV/AIDS in Africa .

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