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Rabbi Reflects on Visit to Iran

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Rabbi Reflects on Visit to Iran

Directors of Hebra, Hamadan, 1918. (Courtesy of Center for Iranian Jewish Oral History)

In an address before the Israeli Knesset in honor of the 60th anniversary Israel 's independence, yesterday President Bush spoke about the foolishness of negotiating with Iran.

Bush's comments were perceived as an attack on Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama as the Presidential candidates debate U.S. policy towards nations like Iran . The White House denies the comments were targeted for Obama.

Senators Obama and Hillary Clinton responded harshly to the insinuations, but Senator John McCain weighed in saying, "Yes, there have been appeasers in the past''…"The president is exactly right. One of them was named Neville Chamberlain.''

One Rabbi's views differ from those of President Bush and John McCain.

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb is the Director of Interfaith Inventions and Co-founder of the Shomer Shalom Institute for Jewish Non-Violence and the Muslim-Jewish Peace Walk. She often leads delegations to the Middle East as part of the Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Lynn 's most recent trip was to Iran , where she hoped to talk with the Iranian people about peace and connect with Iran 's Jewish community. Jews have inhabited Iran since 586 B.C.

Rabbi Gottlieb is part of the Jewish Renewal movement, which stresses a more holistic approach to religious life through mysticism and activism in issues like the environment, ecology, feminism, interfaith dialogue and racism.

Lynn is in Chicago to participate in a number of peace events and activities over this weekend (May 16-18, 2008).

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb discussed how her trip to Iran came about...

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