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A Foreign Correspondent's "Baghdad Stories"

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A Foreign Correspondent's "Baghdad Stories"

Zuhair Jassem al-Azzawi lost his home in sectarian conflict. He holds a picture of his deceased son. (Courtesy of Liz Sly, Chicago Tribune)

War is hell, and Liz Sly has seen a lot of it it. As a foreign correspondent and Baghdad bureau chief for the Chicago Tribune, she's been at the frontlines of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. She's reported on the bombings, ethnic conflict, insurgencies and counter-insurgencies, and efforts to rebuild.

During her reporting, Sly spoke to many civilians caught in the crossfire. While they helped her explain the on-the-ground realities in Iraq to the American public, she also discovered that many had amazing stories of their own. She's begun to recount some of those in the Tribune series “Baghdad Stories.”

Read Liz Sly’s series on the lives of ordinary Iraqis.

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