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International Food Smackdown

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We've been gearing up for it all week, and its finally here, the International Food Smackdown! We've asked some of our regulars contributors to prepare their favorite national foods to bring to the show. 

We also chose a panel of listeners, with outstanding global culinary experience, to judge the most delicious food in the International Food Smackdown. We had a writing contest and the winning listener-judges are Bob Stigger, Margaret Czopor and Robert Launay. Read their winning essays

Today's competing international dishes were each cooked by some of Worldview's contributors. You can get recipes for each dish here.

Kisuule Magala is a journalist from Uganda. He cooked the typical Ugandan dish called Matooke, a beef stew served with bananas.

Ioana Tchoukleva recently talked to us about her trip to Rwanda, and she prepared dishes from her native Bulgaria. She cooked Bulgarian stuffed peppers and Gorski Kabob, a pork kabob.

Nari Safavi is a frequent Worldview contributor on Iran. He cooked the Iranian dish Qormeh Sabzi, a beef and lamb meat sauce with kidney beans. This dish is typically served with saffron rice in Iran.

WBEZ's Norvyn Uytiepo and fellow cook Eliza Wangerin cooked dishes from the Philippines. Pinakbet is a vegetable stew with shrimp and shrimp paste, and Adobong Manok at Baboy, which is stewed pork and chicken in vinegar and soy sauce. Typically in the Philippines these dishes are eaten together with rice. 

Watch a video of the chef contestants explaining each of their dishes.

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