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Women’s Rights in Israel

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Groups with a link to the Goldstone report have come under attack in Israel. Rights organizations like Physicians for Human Rights, and the human rights organization B'Tselem, have been slammed in the press.

There is a proposed bill in the Knesset that would put new restrictions NGO's. The government is refusing work visas for 150 NGO's operating in the west bank and east Jerusalem. The new Israel Fund is under attack. They offer financial support to organizations that pursue social justice and equality for all Israelis. They've been attacked for funding groups that cooperated with the Goldstone investigation. The head of the New Israel Fund, Naiomi Chazen, had her column pulled from the Jerusalem Post.

Worldview guest Ella Gera knows Chazen well. They both help found the Israeli women's network. Ella Gera had this to say about the controversy.

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