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Worldview 9.22.11

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Worldview 9.22.11

In 1997, Nelson Mandela honored Qaddafi with the Cape Horn Award, the highest South African honor to foreign figures.

AP/Enric Marti

While other countries rallied to support Libya’s Transitional National Council, South Africa remained conspicuously quiet. Only this week did the government officially recognize the TNC. We talk to journalist James Kirchick who says the reluctance was, in part, due to the country’s fondness of Muammar Qaddafi. Also, this year, women around the world are taking to the streets – sometimes in their bras and underwear – as part of the "SlutWalk" protest movement. We talk to writer Zama Ndlovu, who says “SlutWalks” seem unproductive, and culturally insensitive, in her native South Africa. Lastly, we look at China, where food safety is a serious issue. Deaths from poisonous pet food and baby milk once dominated the headlines. We speak with Minxu Zhang, a Chinese student at Lake Forest College, who was in her home country this summer to establish a direct line of purchase between Chinese organic farmers and consumers.

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