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Worldview 10.7.11

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Worldview 10.7.11

“Crimson Autumn” by Ural Tansykbaev is one of 44,000 pieces in the Nukus Museum of Art.

Courtesy of Tchavdar Georgiev

Thousands of Polish people in the U.S. will vote this weekend in Poland's general elections. Among their presidential choices is a prominent Chicago suburban radio host. WBEZ’s Lynette Kalsnes reports. Also, in 2010, a plane carrying Poland’s president and Polish dignitaries crashed in Smolensk, Russia, killing all on board, including Chicago sculptor Wojciech Seweryn. When trying to reclaim the remains, family members like Seweryn’s daughter, suburban resident Anna Wojtowicz, were sent locked coffins. Wojtowicz tells us about her thwarted efforts to get a full account of what happened in Smolensk. Then, the documentary film Desert of Forbidden Art tells of how an entire chapter of art history wound up in an unkempt museum in the Uzbekistan desert. Shortly after the 1917 Russian Revolution, a failed artist named Igor Savitsky began collecting works by some of the Russian avant-garde’s great unknown painters. We’ll speak with the film’s co-directors.

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