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Worldview 11.8.11

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Worldview 11.8.11

Protesters inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement gather in London.

AP/Elizabeth Dalziel

As the Occupy movement raises concerns about income inequality, we talk to British epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson, co-author of The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger. His research suggests that people from countries without huge income gaps live longer and generally better lives. And, the new film In Darkness by acclaimed director Agnieszka Holland tells the unlikely story of a Polish crook who rescues Jews during World War II. It just premiered in Chicago at the Polish Film Festival of America. Worldview film contributor Milos Stehlik chats with Holland about Polish cinema and why the festival matters.

You may have heard our recent conversation with political economist Jeffrey Winters, who shared his provocative theories on Occupy Wall Street and how the super-rich defend their wealth. Tomorrow, he returns to take your calls.

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