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Worldview 11.21.11

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Worldview 11.21.11

A woman with cholera symptoms is carried to a local hospital in Port au Prince, Haiti.

AP/Dieu Nalio Chery

Despite billions of dollars in private donations and government money, a staggering number of Haitians remain in tent camps. And a recent cholera epidemic – which has claimed 5,000 lives – has only made life worse. Nicole Phillips, an attorney with the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, explains why she and a group of lawyers are suing the United Nations for allegedly introducing cholera to the Haitian population. And, we talk with Mercedes Martinez, a union leader in Puerto Rico. In 2008, the Teachers Federation of Puerto Rico defied a no-strike ban and joined with students and parents to close schools for 10 days. The island-wide strike was over inadequate school funding, classroom size, low teacher wages, and the threat of privatization. When the strike ended, the governor decertified the union. We get on update on what’s happened since.

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