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Debt ceiling breakdown: So does this mean milk will be cheaper?

SHARE Debt ceiling breakdown: So does this mean milk will be cheaper?
Debt ceiling breakdown: So does this mean milk will be cheaper?

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

So what was all that debt ceiling stuff? I was out on Friday, so I didn’t catch that story in the news cycle. It was like nobody was reporting on it. So now we don’t owe China money? Oh we still do? We can just borrow more? Awesome. It’s sort of like when you can’t sell your condo but you want another condo? So you end up renting yours to a grad student (Japan) and then you find out that the new condo is more than you thought.

Obama talks debt ceiling reaching talks reaching a compromise Sunday. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

And with everything this Prez does, it wasn’t good enough. Liberals are very upset with the debt deal made by the White House. Last time this happened, didn’t Ralph Nader steal enough votes away from Clinton’s VP Al Gore to give the election to Republicans? Watch out Mr. Obama. And watch out America, because we are seconds away from this campaign season to hit second gear.

So wait, the Republicans won in the fact that we have to have this same stupid argument during the 2012 elections? You thought the posturing was bad this time around; wait until there is money for billboards, banners and bumper stickers. YUCK.

So here’s my quick breakdown of the compromise: The debt ceiling will be raised by $2.1 trillion (it’s $14.3 trillion right now). We have to cut government spending by $2.4 trillion. And the Bush tax cuts ($3.5 trillion) are still in place. Gas is over $4 a gallon and candy bars are way overpriced.

B story: Rob Wildeboer is starting a new series comparing two equally sized cities (Chicago/Toronto) when it comes to guns. Go figure, Toronto has a much lower rate of gun crime and gun deaths. Why is that? Rob finds out. He was on Fox News Chicago last night talking about the series. It was pretty short because they had to report on all the people falling out of boats yesterday (seriously, the top three or four stories on the cast) and do a live report from Wrigley where they had us listen to McCartney banter from outside the stadium. Anyway, listen to the piece today. Rob has a story every day this week.

C story: McCartney reviews? Last night, instead of rowdy Cubs fans yelling “Fukudome,” the CTA Red Line looked more like the Metra on the way to Ravinia. Let’s get the best from Twitter. Chicago’s Tankboy:

How the f*ck do you critique a legend that obviously only performs because it makes him happy?!

Weather: It’s not raining!!!! In other news, WBEZ’s 4th floor has no A/C this morning. So remember that when you are complaining about the heat. Peter Sagal is hot, too.

Sports: I’m going to do a separate post breaking down the Bears and their new free agents. We are no longer in the presence of Olin Kreutz. Kreutz has done a great job befriending the media over the years, but truth be told (from a fans perspective), Olin wasn’t getting the job done. It’s his job to site check on the line and make adjustments and far too many times in his career (more obvious late) did he mess up and either commit a penalty or let a blitzer come through. Personally, I’m down with the end of Kreutz. See ya.

Also - I gotta say, I am really liking the Cubs post-Fukudome. Last night, heroes: Castro, Dempster, Marshall, Soriano and Kerry Wood. All playing bigger than the next player.

On the other hand? The Sox lost 2 of 3 from the Red Sox and made no more significant changes to the club. Last week, I got negative feedback from readers about saying that the Sox were unfurling the white flag by trading Edwin Jackson. Some say it was better for the club. Really? I still say that losing Edwin Jackson points to a larger problem with the Sox front office. Here are the problems: Adam Dunn. Jake Peavy. Alex Rios. Edwin Jackson. (didn’t we pick him up at trading deadline last year?) No third baseman (since Crede, Josh Fields/Mark Teahan/Brent Morel). No closer.
Not good.

Kicker: Gotta problem? Amy Krouse Rosenthal is going to fix it. This is her 84th mission. Unreal. Check out the video.

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