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Maybe the Bears need Steve 'Mongo' McMichael?

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Maybe the Bears need Steve 'Mongo' McMichael?

Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael, a member of the ’85 Bears, now spends time indoors with the Chicago Slaughter.

Flickr/Jeramey Jannene

“We’re playing like [expletive],” Brian Urlacher told ESPN Chicago. “Defensively, we stink.”

That’s today’s Bears team.

But somehow, the ’85 Bears are always still around reminding everyone what a Super Bowl team looks like. Just last week, they visited the White House because Obama wanted a free Bears jersey.

Don’t forget: There’s another football team in town. ’85 Bears alumnus Steve “Mongo” McMichael’s indoor Chicago Slaughter, whose season is only 129 days, 9 hours and 32 minutes away.

Late last year, McMichael stopped by The Interview Show, but Mongo operates in a zone free of time and space. Before the interview, I’d heard he’d mellowed. If he has, well, oh boy.

NSFW. Cover the kids’ ears. And enjoy. This one was a lot of fun.

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