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Mark Bazer

Mark Bazer breaks down his reasons for leaving — all 25 of them.
DJ/production duo The Hood Internet are known for their musical mash-ups. But with a new album on the way this fall, STV SLV and partner ABX are moving beyond their roots.
Tony Fitzpatrick’s latest accomplishment is Nickel History: The Nation of Heat, the third part of his autobiographical American trilogy coming to the Steppenwolf Garage on July 19.
Mitt Romney says his Israel policy will be the opposite of Barack Obama’s. What else will he do that’s the opposite?
Some people say chefs are the new rock stars. Chicago’s own Graham Elliot certainly fits that bill.
Rich Cohen’s new book, The Fish That Ate the Whale, tells the of a Russian immigrant who started as a lowly fruit peddler and became one of this country’s biggest businessmen.
New York’s Nova Social, fronted by David Nagler, takes me back to the 1980s – without wallowing in nostalgia – and the songs hypnotize me.
Em & Lo have made careers out of talking sanely and humorously about sex and love. The duo appeared on The Interview Show earlier this month – and helped me feel better about my own sexual hang-ups.
Comic Charlie Bury, one of the newest cast members of The Lincoln Lodge stand-up show, stopped by the Hideout for The Interview Show last month with material inspired by his love of history.
To me, pigeons are one of the telltale signs of a great city. Name a great city and I’ll show you pigeons slightly ruining the quality of life.
How many times do you read an essay and think, “I’ve heard all of these ideas before”? Well, that never happens to me when I’m reading work by Chuck Klosterman.
Kids today get everything they want. Treats are handed out daily. The result: The thrill of normal parties is gone. Here are some ideas for new parties to get your kids pumped.
The singer-songwriter performs a song from her album, In This, and talks heartbreak, bad dates and meeting her guitarist on Craigslist.
Brian Babylon is one of the funniest comics in Chicago, a regular panelist on Wait Wait ... Don’t Tell Me and co-host of The Morning AMp! on Vocalo.
King Louie, a rising star of Chicago rap, talks about his upcoming CD, Dope & Shrimp.
Dennehy is in town to co-star with Nathan Lane in The Iceman Cometh at the Goodman.
There are, I understand, plenty of reasons NOT to care about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But after attending an induction ceremony there this past weekend, I can’t remember what they are.