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Alexa Lim

Mike Massimino has been to space twice to repair the Hubble Telescope, but his career as an astronaut wasn’t always likely.
Here’s what studying ancient Pueblo societies can tell us about the current drought in California.
Which of these science studies happened and which are fiction. You may be surprised.
A recently published study shines a light on how urgent the problem of rising sea levels may be. Before this century ends, as many as 13.1 million Americans may find themselves forced to move because rising oceans make their homes unlivable.
A scientist found that exposing C-section babies to their mother’s bacteria restored a good amount of the babies’ microbiomes, which shapes a human’s health for life.
A recently published study warns that Americans are filling landfills with more than double the amount of trash estimated by the EPA.
Scientists thought they knew how the human body worked. They thought they knew how the immune system worked. They were wrong. A recent discovery found a previously unknown path for the immune system into the brain.
It’s a long process for drugs to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. So why not use those already on the shelves? Researchers are finding new uses for old vaccines, some of which even may cure rare diseases.