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Alison Kodjak

The Senate Finance Committee will hear Tuesday from executives from the biggest pharmacy benefit managers. Confidential rebates paid to pharmacy benefit managers are expected to draw scrutiny.
Why is the price of a CT scan 33 times higher in an hospital emergency room than in an outpatient imaging center just down the street?
A shorter enrollment period and big cuts in the federal budget for outreach are taking a toll, say those helping with health insurance sign-ups. Deadlines for most state exchanges are a little later.
The federal funding of the program lapsed in September. States have been burning through leftover funds, or borrowing from other accounts, as they wait for Congress to act before the end of January.
The law restricts a major government public health agency’s research into gun violence, which kills or injures more people than many other infectious diseases.
The island is a major center for drug and medical device manufacturing. After Hurricane Maria, those products, including small IV bags, are running short throughout the U.S.
If the former drug company executive is confirmed by the Senate, he would replace Dr. Tom Price, who resigned in September after a scandal involving government travel on private aircraft.
A draft of the bipartisan legislation obtained by NPR would restore subsidies to insurance companies to assist low-income consumers and require them to go to consumers as rebates.
The bipartisan agreement could help stabilize insurance premiums next year so that younger, healthier people will buy policies. President Trump has embraced it, but other GOP leaders have not.
The administration’s move late Thursday was the second swipe in the same day at the insurance markets created by the Affordable Care Act.
Conservatives have long advocated for using association health plans to boost competition. But the result could be that healthy people pay less and sicker people are priced out of coverage.
With a new regulation, the administration will allow any company or nonprofit group to refuse to cover contraception by claiming a religious or moral exemption to the federal health law.
HHS Secretary Tom Price, who earned a reputation in House as a budget hawk critical of government waste, resigned Friday after President Trump criticized him for chartering flights on private jets.
The bill’s sponsors say their plan to reallocate federal health funding among states is more equitable. It also would cause largely Democratic states to lose funding while Republican states gain.
Republicans are taking one last shot at repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. But the new plan isn’t much different fr the last one that failed.
The federal government has cut advertising for the Affordable Care Act’s enrollment period by 90 percent. So insurer Oscar Health has started its own campaign in New York and five other states.
For now, the Affordable Care Act remains the law of the land. A consulting firm lays out four steps it says would lead to insurance coverage for millions more, at a lower cost.
Scientists have found an association between talc and ovarian cancer, but they don’t agree on exactly what that means.