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Amy Scott

Maybe those metal keys will stay in your junk drawer forever.
The revamped test will be administered Saturday for the first time.
The university was roiled by a gaffe that compared struggling students to “bunnies” that needed to be drowned.
Massive effort unites librarians, academics and audio enthusiasts.
Now the subject of lawsuits, Trump University sold real estate investment advice.
A University of Maryland program helps ease the transition from grad student to professor.
The University of Maryland, Baltimore County tries to change how it recruits.
A little-known provision of federal law may offer widespread loan forgiveness.
Government rules that allows foreign students working in STEM fields to stay in the U.S. to work are in flux.
Until recently, pullbacks were a normal part of the market.
The company that owns the University of Phoenix is considering selling itself after years of declining revenue and enrollment.
Washington, D.C. becomes the latest city to outlaw polystyrene food containers as plastic continues to fall out of favor.
As the Supreme Court weighs affirmative action, colleges consider other ways to cultivate diverse campuses, like class-based affirmative action.