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Andrew Meriwether

Three organizations can help you become a DIY maestro.
Gov. JB Pritzker approved a commission to explore whether or not Illinois needs a new flag. The current one — which has been the same for about a century — has a lot going on. An American eagle clutching a stars-and-stripes-decorated shield while taking a bite out of a red banner in the foreground. There’s a yellow sun over blue water in the background, and a gray rock bearing the years 1818 and 1868. But what would an updated flag look like now? What should it look like? We turn to a longtime flag maker for his take.
Plus: an urban forager shows you how to find fresh produce in your backyard
The Consumer Price Index rose just 3%, down from 4% in May.
The new platform from Meta is the latest Twitter rival. What will it mean for where social media is headed?
The film captures the community’s effort to create a memorial near the site of the mass shooting in honor of lost loved ones.
Within days of the shooting, survivors and community members looked into ways to turn their grief into action.
Coming out in July, “Cover Up: The Pill Plot” documents the epic struggle to bring the abortion pill to America.
The former president is accused of illegally retaining classified documents. Article: (Two sentences max) During his arraignment in federal court yesterday, former President Donald Trump disputed the 37 criminal counts brought against him. Reset digs into the prosecution’s case with a political science professor and discusses what this will mean for Trump’s 2024 presidential run. GUEST: Will Howell, Sydney Stein Professor, Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago
Former Vice President Mike Pence and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are the latest to join the race.
From kayaking to scuba diving, here are ways you can get out on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River this summer.
Millions of dollars have been stolen from SNAP beneficiaries across the country. Some states have taken action to help reimburse victims, but Illinois has not yet joined them. Reset talks to a reporter covering the story and a state representative who wants to see the state step up to help SNAP recipients get reimbursed. GUESTS: Kristen Schorsch, WBEZ health and county government reporter State Rep. Sonya Harper (D-Chicago)
From 1920s barn dances to contemporary alternative country, Chicago has been pivotal in shaping the genre.