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Carol Hills

Who will be the next first spouse: a former model or a former president? Advice columnist Quentin Fottrell has some free advice for whoever gets the gig.
Americans can now see the Hitler comedy that’s been such a hit in Germany. Its director says now is an OK time for Germans to laugh at Hitler. They just have to laugh at the right thing.
A sitting US President is visiting Cuba for the first time in almost 90 years, and the world’s cartoonists have a lot to say about it.
During Wednesday’s Democratic debate, the anchor and moderator called out Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on previous stances on immigration, and how they’ve changed.
John Kasich says US ground troops should be sent to Libya because it is a “fertile ground’’ for ISIS. Marco Rubio wants air strikes and some special forces to restore order. Are either a viable idea? We chew it over.
The Supreme Court must decide on the constitutionality of a restrictive Texas abortion law but an abortion rights activist says it’s already intruded on Latinas’ access to abortion in Texas.
Bernie Sanders says Denmark should be a model for the US. Hillary Clinton’s not convinced. Ulrik Haagerup thinks it’s not so black and white.
Syrians on speed. Jihadis addicted to uppers. Drug cartel lackeys setting up illegal pill factories in crappy hole-in-the-wall spaces in Beirut while the top boss lives in splendor outside some European capital.
Four million Syrians have fled their country since 2011. The number of Syrian refugees the US has taken in since then: only about 2,000. How does the US vet Syrian refugees vetted? It’s complicated.
In cartoons and emblazoned on public monuments, the French Tricolour has emerged as the favored symbol to show solidarity with Paris after Friday’s attacks. Arab and Muslim cartoonists are drawing something different: the personal impact of terrorism.