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Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy joined Mayor Rahm Emanuel Monday in pushing for increased gun laws in the city and state.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is planning to take legal action to force teachers back into the classroom immediately. The decision comes a couple of hours after the governing body of the Chicago Teachers Union, its House of Delegates, voted to continue its strike.
The Chicago Teachers Union president says a deal to end the city’s first teachers’ strike in 25 years is close, but she’s pushed back her timeline a bit.
Attendees, security staff, and OEMC staff brought in to direct traffic told WBEZ reporters that they were unaware of storm shelters or specific evacuation routes.
As the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act came down Thursday morning, politicians in Illinois and across America began to release their responses. Below are some of their statements, culled from Twitter, email and phone interviews conducted by WBEZ.
On Friday, Democrats in the state Senate proposed a budget that cuts spending almost across the board, with the exception of education.