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Claudio Sanchez

About a quarter of a million DREAMers — immigrants who were illegally brought to the U.S. as children — are enrolled in college. But the program that has allowed them to go to school is ending.
Immigrant rights groups and students gathered at the White House to protest the possible repeal of DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
NPR was there for 5-year-old Sam’s first day of kindergarten back in 2004. His parents wondered if he was was ready. This month, as he graduated from high school, they’re still asking that question.
Milwaukee’s school voucher program has been either a beacon of hope for African-American children or a failed experiment. The truth is somewhere in between.
The number of English language learners in public schools is nearing 5 million. Many are struggling academically, despite well-intentioned efforts to help them learn English.
The election of Donald Trump has changed the landscape for K-12 and higher education. In his annual New Year’s predictions, NPR’s Claudio Sanchez tells us what he thinks it all means.
New research out today ranks state Head Start programs on measures like teacher pay and the percent of eligible children who are enrolled.
Despite a lot of rhetoric, decades have passed — and administrations have come and gone — with little progress in educating language-minority students.
Native Americans make up less than 1 percent of students in college. Many say they feel invisible, without access to elite campuses. One program helps them leverage their heritage and identity.
Only about half of Native American students graduate from high school and few go on to college. One program has worked 17 years to change that.
For nearly 70 years, one of the nation’s largest student organizations has hammered home this message - teenagers need job skills whether they’re headed to college or not. And students are listening.
A new book says the student loan crisis is overblown. Author Sandy Baum says we really need to focus on the small portion of borrowers who are really struggling.
Ted Kolderie, often called the “godfather” of the charter school movement, has a new book out. He says the lack of innovation in how teachers teach and students learn is stifling school reform.
Vocational education in high schools fell out of favor decades ago. For career and technical education to succeed today, a key researcher says a lot has to change.
More than 3 million school children in the U.S. are classified as gifted. Thousands of others, however, are never identified as gifted because they start school not speaking English.
For years, NPR’s Claudio Sanchez has struggled with his decision to leave teaching and the children he had grown so fond of.
NPR’s senior education correspondent offers his predictions for the big stories in K-12 and higher education.
NPR’s senior education correspondent offers his predictions for the big stories in K-12 and higher education.