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Hiaasen joins Here & Now’s Robin Young to talk about his home state, its possible role in the presidential election and his latest novel, “Razor Girl.”
The hip-hop artist from Chicago has been on the rap scene since the early-1990s, and branched out into acting in the 2000s.
Delta said customers should expect more cancellations as the airline gets back to full operations.
For three years in the late 1960s, Suzanne Salomon and Hillary Clinton were suitemates at Wellesley College in Massachusetts.
Schakowsky took office in 1999, during then-President Bill Clinton’s second term in the White House.
We speak with sound effects artist Fred Newman about the show as creator Garrison Keillor wraps up his decades-long run at the helm this year.
The reversal will allow about 30 clinics to remain open in the state.
The British pound hit a 30-year low today. So should you take a trip to Britain, make changes to your portfolio or “keep calm and carry on?”
To celebrate the centennial of America’s parks system, Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson is talking to park rangers and officials across the country. First stop: Denali National Park and Preserve.
Luis von Ahn helped develop the CAPTCHA test that tells whether humans or bots are entering information online. But his passion is education.
One day, author Davis Miller worked up the courage to knock on Muhammad Ali’s door. That was the beginning of a lifelong friendship.
Born Cassius Clay, Ali converted to Islam in 1964, and later became a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War.
If you could transport yourself to the 23rd century, what would the instruments look like?
There’s a new show from the creators of “The Walking Dead,” while Simon Cowell returns to “America’s Got Talent.”
The controversial 1968 document offered a window into the roots of racism and inequality in the United States.
It’s the NBA version of the red carpet Glam Cam. Viewers can relive slam dunks and other show-stopping plays.
More Americans are practicing Buddhism. But there’s only one place in the country where Buddhist chaplains are trained.
Organ banks around the country have noted an increasing number of organs from donors who have died of overdoses.