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Jane Arraf

Slogans were shouted and American and Israeli flags burned in protests in three major Iraqi cities following a call from a former leader of an anti-U.S. militia.
Egypt’s state news agency MENA reports at least 235 people died in the bombing and shooting attack by assailants against a mosque in the Sinai Peninsula during Friday prayers.
The world’s youngest Nobel laureate spent her 20th birthday this month with displaced Yazidi girls in northern Iraq. She spends each birthday with girls who are struggling to get an education.
An investigation into U.S.-launched air strikes targeting ISIS and killing an estimated 150 civilians last month is underway. Survivors say families were forcibly packed into houses by ISIS fighters.
“We cried so much when we first saw it, because ... what you see standing here was all in pieces on the floor,” says an Islamic art specialist. Museum staff repaired all but 10 of 179 damaged objects.