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Jenny Ament

Brent Knopf from Menomena and Matt Berninger from The National teamed up recently to form the band El Vy. Together, they take our economics-inspired personality quiz.
The Rain Room is brought to you by the artists and Restoration Hardware, which begs the question: Is art funded by a company branded content?
Pop star Lisa Loeb talks about her transition into writing kid’s music, after she made her name with the 1994 mega-hit “Stay (I missed you).”
Hollywood is a heavily male industry.
For people on the autism spectrum, job interviews can be particularly daunting. A new virtual reality program helps people practice.
After a life of crime, Javier Chavez now works as a mentor for Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, which helps gang members start over.
When you’re unemployed, you come to dread a common question: “what do you do?” Turns out, gaps in our employment can change the way we think.
Eustace Conway has lived in the forest for nearly 40 years. When it comes to money, Conway says he has little use for it. He’s the subject of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, The Last American Man.
Is the Internet taking us back in time? Jody Rice explains how websites like Etsy and Kickstarter brought about the return of handmade goods.