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Katherine Du

Nigerian netizens are using the hashtag #CaptainAmericaInNigeria as a vehicle for cheeky social and political commentary.
People were asked to do six 30-minute sessions that included cognitive behavioral therapy and problem-solving therapy. They were less likely to develop major depression than other people at risk.
Scientists measured the microbes that are in the indoor spaces where we spend most of our time. Each city had a unique microbiome, with many outdoor microbes making their way indoors to live with us.
Growing up, they knew something was different, but nobody put a name to it. For many, it took years to get a diagnosis: autism. Finally hearing that word can be a relief.
There aren’t a lot of studies on racial bias and mixed-race people, even though they’re the fastest-growing group in the U.S. A study finds more bias against people who don’t fit an existing category.
Doctors presume that Asian American teens aren’t having sex, and teenagers presume that doctors will tell their parents if they ask about contraception or other key aspects of sexual health.