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Robert L. Price

The U.S. Army has a goal of “net-zero” energy consumption by 2030. Hewlett-Packard just unveiled designs for a data center that requires no net energy from traditional power grids. Here, Worldview contributor Robert Price shares his predictions of what net-zero design may mean for how we build, consume and live.
Spain, Italy and Greece all the the weakest economic links of the EU. Compare them to Turkey, which embraced its African-Mediterranean relationships and now emerges as an economic model for Europe. Any regrets, EU?
Worldview contributor Robert L. Price argues that some of America’s political leaders should take a lesson from President Obama’s press conference Monday to learn what being “world-class” really means.
Worldview contributor Robert L. Price shares a chat with a French delegate on the ride back from the press center. “Could Europe afford to defend itself?” he asks.
For me, the protests of my youth around issues like apartheid and the death penality were a personal journey that had clear goals. I got a different sense talking to protesters in Chicago this weekend.