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Siri Bulusu

In recent years, literary and film festivals have been making the headlines drawing international attention (including the likes of Oprah) to the new, modern India.
India is known for its colorful landscapes and vibrant people — and for producing some of the most high quality fabrics in the world. But even with these ingredients, the country is still not considered one of the major fashion producers internationally. With events like Bangalore’s Fashion Week, that may be changing.
When marriages are arranged in living rooms over chai and samosas, one question is rarely asked: “Do they love each other?” Though a better question may be, “Do they know each other?” For some South Asian brides, what looks like a ticket to a new life and the American dream becomes a life of forced labor, domestic abuse or worse.
Not sure what to do with your weekend? A photo exhibit about malaria and an Afro-Cuban dance party round out this week’s edition of Global Passport.
Elizardi Castro was a practicing lawyer in Florida before he decided to give it all up for performance theater. His one-man stand up show, Made in Puerto Rico, is a funny yet heartfelt account of Castro’s experiences growing up Puerto Rican in America. Plus, a dance party fit for the Incans.
Friday’s Weekend Passport starts with an Oriental adventure and leaves you in a cozy European café. First, check out a vivid portrait of Burma created by a dynamic combination of photography, dramatic readings and music. Then, try a sampling of Brazilian music you can hear in the West Loop.
Friday on Weekend Passport, we ride the Cinco de Mayo wave into Mole de Mayo, test out your language skills at the Dankhaus German Cinema and sample traditional Indian dance inspired by Krishnalore.