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Chicago School Board

The latest news and updates about the race for Chicago’s first elected school board.

What elected school board district am I in?

Candidates have until June 24 to file petitions to get on the ballot in one of 10 districts across the city, each split into two subdistricts.

In the first elections on Nov. 5, voters will pick one board member per district for a total of 10 elected members. Johnson will appoint a second member in each district, plus a board president to complete the 21-member hybrid school board.

See all the district boundaries

Find your school board voting district by clicking on your neighborhood. To zoom in and out on a desktop or laptop, hold down the Control or Command key on your keyboard, and scroll up or down.

Prospective candidates took turns presenting their piles of papers for counting; officials had to confirm at least 1,000 signatures before they could be submitted. Candidates have until 5 p.m. next Monday to file.