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GoT 7.2: Stormborn

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Game of Thrones

Photo courtesy of HBO

The last scene from Sunday’s Game of Thrones — with elegant ships and a killer pirate battle scene — reaffirms something we’ve long suspected: This HBO series needs Lego sets. 

The second episode of Season 7 showed what Euron might have up the sleeve of his Hot Topic shirt, and it’s not good for Dany. We also finally got a sense of what motivates Varys, witnessed a reunion between Arya and a character we haven’t seen since Season 1, watched eunuchs getting some well-deserved love, and quivered as Samwell Tarly practiced his House M.D. skills on Jorah Mormont in one of the most nauseating scenes in any GOT season. 

Peter is out this week, so Trica Bobeda and Greta Johnsen are instead joined by Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me! producer Miles Doornbos, who knows Peter well — maybe too well. And in addition to Miles, we’ve got some new sound effects. 

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What does Euron do to get pumped up before battle?


“I think he does a really nice long vinyasa flow situation and then makes some homemade electrolytes and thinks about bloodshed and victory but in a super zen way.”

Greta Johnsen, Warhammer 40k artist


“He listens to Jock Jams 47 and drinks a Red Bull, and by 'drinks a Red Bull' I mean does cocaine.”

Tricia Bobeda, pescatarian who will never again eat a pot pie


“No comment."

Peter Sagal, chipmunk stage manager

On Euron’s screwball insanity

Miles: It is so nice in the show to have a villain who is campy. It feels like we have not had a renaissance-faire style villain in the show. Like Joffrey is a straight-up crazy person who’s weird and sadistic and there’s no fun with him, and Ramsey is the same way, but Euron takes joy in his evil, and that makes him fun to watch — that and the eyeliner. 

On Arya meeting her direwolf Nymeria and saying, “That’s not you”

Tricia: So the show creators actually explain it in the “Inside the Episode” —

Greta: Oh good, when I was watching Ballers you were watching “Inside the Episode.”

Tricia: And so the idea is that it’s a call back to something that she said to her father Ned in Season 1 where he says, “You’re going to be a lady in a dress in the castle and blah blah blah,” and she says, “That’s not me.” 

But I think that actually some people have wished it to be a more interesting, nuanced call-back to things that happened in the books that don’t happen in the show, which is that in the books Bran isn’t the only Stark who can Warg into the minds of animals, specifically into the mind of their direwolf. Arya’s been doing it for years in the books. So the idea that some people had online was that it was actually Arya verbalizing what Nymeria was saying, “It’s not you,” so that would be Nymeria saying to Arya, “You are no one. I don’t know who you are.”

Which I think is actually much cooler and so sometimes I feel like the internet should write the show but then I realize that would be a disaster.

Listener voicemail

When you’re talking about the gift that Euron Greyjoy is going to bring to Cersei, you don’t mention that in the books that at the Kingsmoot, where Euron was chosen as the king, he had a horn that if you blow the horn it kills the dragons. Nobody’s mentioned that yet and I think that would be an amazing gift to give to Cersei.

Miles: This is a thing that I initially thought too in the last episode when he said when he was going to bring back a gift, as someone who had read the books, that was my assumption. 

Tricia: The horn! The horn!

Miles: And finally the horn is going to be there, and then Qyburn mentioned in this episode that they were working on a way to defeat the dragons. Is it the horn? No, it’s a huge-ass crossbow. I wonder if it’s a thing that’s going to be cut completely.

Tricia: I think it controls the dragon, so it just changes who the allegiance of the dragon belongs to. 

Greta: Is it a French horn?

Tricia: Yes it is.

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