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A summerlong exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago will display some 100 works from the iconic painter, focusing on her city years.
Gaines has directed nearly 60 productions since founding the theater in 1986.
A new investigation raises questions about the Art Institute’s commitment to weeding out stolen antiquities.
Theaters have yet to see the cultural comeback that art advocates have hoped since the pandemic began.
Hazel says she often thinks about “the way that cultural preservation is directly linked to how we understand what is valued in society.”
A fungi species known as Ophiocordyceps unilateralis has the ability to control its host.
A panel of music professionals give insight on where they go digging and how to give directly to musicians.
Several shows featuring black stories and performers are currently running and coming in March.
No female directors and a scarcity of Black talent in the best acting categories stunned some movie fans.