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GoT 7.3: The Queen's Justice

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Game of Thrones

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Careful. Spoilers abound.

Did Jon Snow take a Concorde jet to Dragonstone? What kind of loan forgiveness can you expect from the Bank of Westeros? And did Samwell wash that hand?

After a night of spirited brooding, Tricia, Greta and Peter gathered to analyze the latest episode of HBO's Game of Thrones. Click the 'play' button above to hear the full episode. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #GOTNerdcaps or call us at 312-948-4687.

Where do you go to brood?


“Facebook, usually.”

Greta Johnsen, backup drummer for the soft rock band 'Casterly Rock'


“In the depths of the internet. Isn't that what it's for?”

Tricia Bobeda, Night King sympathizer


“As the Chicago area lacks any windswept cliffs over the sea, I brood on the Pulaski Road overpass over the Eisenhower."

Peter Sagal, expressway bicycler

On the long-awaited meeting between Daenerys and Jon Snow

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO.

Tricia: Maybe this is just because they actually have them standing really far apart from each other in the room so they all have to kind of shout to talk to each other, but the fact that she said to Tyrion, “I thought you liked this guy,” in sort of full voice instead of whispering to her hand or having a quiet moment with him — the fact that it was all sort of at full volume across this hall felt a little weird to me — that’s how Dany would react to all this information in real time. Whereas Jon, I thought, was actually more Jon maybe than we’ve ever seen him — a little braver than we’ve ever seen him outside of battle.

Greta: It was fun to see Jon outside of the context of the North because then it was sort of like he was the most Jon, just because he wasn’t there anymore. 

Tricia: It’s like how you’re the most Alaskan when you’re not in Alaska.

Greta: Exactly.

On Lady Olenna’s mic drop

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO.

Peter: It was a great scene, and kudos to the writers and the actors, it was probably the best thing in the episode. Do you know what I loved most? Is how she just guzzled that wine. Other actors might have that little hesitance of Socrates raising the cup, but she was like, “Ah no! This is great! This is obviously the best outcome. Let’s do this! I totally accept what has happened!” 

Listener voicemail

I just had a question about what you think Melisandre meant when she said she has to “die in this country,” meaning Westeros?

Peter: Clearly she knows that she has some role to play that she’s hinting at. Is it going to be a good one? There are hints that a lot of characters can redeem themselves. Jorah can redeem himself by rescuing Dany. Theon can redeem himself. Are we being set up for a redemption moment from Melisandre, the evil red witch who burned poor Shireen at the stake? Is there going to be a moment when she does something, God help us, noble? 

Tricia: She can make herself look young magically all the time. Let’s not forget that the one time we see her take that necklace off we then see her as a very old woman. So if the innate magic she has has something to do with the ability to rejuvenate or some sort of youth, then maybe she does have to come back one more time and save Jon from dying? Save someone else? Give them youth?

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Tricia, Greta and Peter will host a Season 7 Wrap Party on Wednesday, August 30 in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood. More info available at (Andrew Gill/WBEZ/Lyric Opera of Chicago)

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