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That’s right, the Nerdette Recaps crew is back! And they’ll be arguing over the new HBO fantasy TV series His Dark Materials.

Paula Friedrich

ANNOUNCEMENT: Goodbye Westeros, Hello ...

… Oxford!

That’s right, just like Weezer, Sleater-Kinney, and the Spice Girls before them, the Nerdette Recaps crew is getting the band back together for the new HBO series His Dark Materials.

Starting Tuesday, Nov. 5 — the day after the premiere episode of His Dark Materials — you’ll find all new episodes of Nerdette Recaps His Dark Materials with Peter Sagal right here in this podcast feed.

Greta? She loves the original His Dark Materials fantasy book trilogy from author Philip Pullman. Tricia? She’s never read them. And Peter?

“I also love the Pullman books, but who cares,” Sagal said. “I’m just interested in arguing with Greta and Tricia again. I’d argue with them about anything. Grass. Chewing gum. Whether the sun will rise tomorrow. Whatever. Sign me up.”

In honor of this auspicious occasion, Greta put Peter in a studio and gloated at him about her recent interview with Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin. Take a listen, find that full interview over at the Nerdette podcast feed, then make sure you’re subscribed to Nerdette Recaps His Dark Materials with Peter Sagal.

See you Tuesdays!

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